B. Riegle

5 of 5 We were greeted promptly and courteously.
5 of 5 The hospital was clean, odor free, safe, and professional in appearance.
5 of 5 We were seen within a reasonable time frame.
5 of 5 The staff was knowledgeable and considerate toward my pet and me.
5 of 5 The veterinarian listened to my concerns and answered my questions.
5 of 5 I feel I received value for the fee I paid.
N/A I clearly understood everything I learned in the visit and have no additional questions.
10 of 10 How likely is it that you will recommend us to a friend or colleague?
5 of 5 Overall, how would you rank us? 5 stars
Tell us why:
My criteria for good veterinary service includes professionalism, keeping current with new technology, improved procedures, good dialogue between veterinarian & client, reliability. The Schultz Veterinary Clinic meets these criteria, is progressive.

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Name: B. Riegle