In 1974, Dr. William Schultz opened the doors to Schultz Veterinary Clinic. From that day forward, his goal of providing exceptional veterinary care and client service has never wavered.

Over the next 30 years, Schultz Veterinary Clinic would gain a reputation for veterinary medicine of the highest quality with an emphasis on individual attention for every client. Since that first day, the practice has grown from a single veterinarian trying to make ends meet, to a bustling four doctor practice renowned for its reproductive medicine, general medicine and surgery. Though a lot has changed over 30 years, our commitment to you and your pets has not: through communication, continued education and compassion we will protect the health of your dog or cat for as long as possible.

We have compiled some of the best testimonials about our services. Please take the time to review these as we are proud to have done such great work for so many people and their amazing animals.

Take a look at some of our testimonials:

“I have seen Dr. William Schultz for 7 years and have taken 4 different animals to him. When I 1st met Dr. Schultz, it was after another vet had failed to repair a tear. My previous vet operated, but it didn’t hold. He went in a second time, that didn’t repair the problem.  So I went to Dr. Schultz. He did the repair, and most importantly 7 years afterwards it was still holding. I do recommend him to anyone needing a vet. He’s taken care of 2 cats, one with kidney failure and was able to keep him alive until the end. He takes the time to understand. Dr. William Schultz is patient, sympathetic…and during the process he’s right there with us, sometimes holding a hand. I’ve tried a lot of different places, but I would say he is one of the top 2 vets in the whole of the United States.”

-B.B.D., Valued Customer

5 of 5    We were greeted promptly and courteously.
5 of 5    The hospital was clean, odor free, safe, and professional in appearance.
5 of 5    We were seen within a reasonable time frame.
5 of 5    The staff was knowledgeable and considerate toward my pet and me.
5 of 5    The veterinarian listened to my concerns and answered my questions.
5 of 5    I feel I received value for the fee I paid.
5 of 5    I clearly understood everything I learned in the visit and have no additional questions.
10 of 10    How likely is it that you will recommend us to a friend or colleague?
5 of 5    Overall, how would you rank us?     5 stars

Tell us why:
Always a pleasure to come there!! I always recommend to my other breeder friends to come there for repro help!!

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Name:    A. Wibert

A. Wibert, Valued Customer