Testimonial-Midge C.

“I have seen the doctor for fourteen years, and I’ve taken five animals to Dr. William Schultz. All of my dogs have been Chows, some were rescues. I had one that had a brain tumor, and one had liver cancer. I now have one for three years. I took her to Dr. Schultz because I was having her fixed, and he noticed she had a heart murmur. So he sent her to a heart specialist and we found out that she has two holes in her heart. She was only supposed to live for another 6-8 weeks. They said that she’d never see her first birthday, but thanks to Dr. William Schultz she will be four in May. That’s the kind of vet she is. He monitors her every month, and very seldom does he ever charge me for it. Dr. Schultz is really fascinated with her, because she shouldn’t be able to stay alive because of the size of her heart. I work for a lady who has a prized Newfoundlander who has been to Westminster and Dr. William Schultz is the vet for that dog. He is so good. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. If he’s not there, I’m not having dogs!

Dr. William Schultz cares 100% about the animals. Not the money, not anything else. His first concern is about those animals. He’s the best vet ever.”

-Midge C.

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