Testimonials on the web for Dr. William Schultz, DVM-Mike B.

"I've been trying to write this, but every time I try it, I get choked up enough that I abandon the text. Recently, we had every reason to believe that we were going to lose our girl Tess to kidney disease. That is until we handed her over to Dr. Wendy Swift who in turn handed her over to Dr. William Schultz in Okemos, Michigan.

For the past year and a half, Tess exhibited very strange, and erratic heat cycles. Two months after her heat, she would get extremely sick. Our local vet would prescribe antibiotics and she would seem to get mostly back to her old self but not quite. In June of last year, we had bloodwork done and the results showed advanced kidney disease. We were told we had to put her on KD food,a nd that she had 6 months to 2 years at the outside to live. We brought up the heat issues and the infection but nothing seemed to get through. Tess was gettting more lethargic by the day, and as anyone who has been around her knows, this has been one energetic speed demon of a dog.

I had enough when I got back from China prior to the Christmas holiday and called Dr. Wendy Swift. Over the Christmas break we made the trip across the state to have Dr. Wendy work on her. Blood work, an ultrasound and a lot of phone calls by Dr. Wendy to specialists throughout Michigan gave us the answers we were looking for and hadn't been given to us previously by our local vet. Tess had an open pyometra, irritation in her spleen and confirmed kidney damage. Tess was put on a strong dose of antibiotics to clear the infection so that she could be spayed. Dr. Wendy kept in constant contact with us via text and/or phone calls to give us an update as to what she had discovered with all of the tests she ran.

Once things were more under control, Dr. Wendy handed her over to Dr. Schultz. Last Thursday, Tess was spayed. Dr. Schultz showed us pictures of a higly eroded uterus, which he removed, and also pictures of her kidneys. The damage was extensive, but oddly enough, through all of this, Tess never exhibited any signs of excessive drinking or unusual urination. The spleen issues had gone away, thank God. Kidney biopsy results showed us that whatever damaged her kidneys was environmental and most likely happened when she was young. What it was baffles us is that we cannot figure out what it could have been because we kept all oils, coolants, etc... on shelves or in cabinets, and our vehicles NEVER leaked.

One week later, Tess is acting like a pup again, and trying to beat up Luke. We've kept her contained, but this dog is healing like nobody's business. We understand that if her kidneys do go bad again that she could leave us rather quickly. Right now we are just thankful that we have her healthy. We have Dr. Swift and Dr. Schultz to thank for that."