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Sources for Dog Behavior and Training Information

How do I stop my puppy from biting? What types of chew toys are good for this breed? Will my dog try to mark his or her territory? What do I do about my dog jumping on people? How do I begin to housebreak my pet? Is crate training a good idea...?

These are just a few of the questions that may arise with a new puppy. The following is a list of resources that will help you with common training scenarios as well as specific questions or concerns.


Nicholas Dodman. The Dog Who Loved Too Much: Tales, Treatment and the Psychology of Dogs.
Nicholas Dodman. Dogs behaving badly.
Vollmer, Peter. SuperPuppy How to Raise the Best Dog You’ll Ever Have!
Rutherford, Clarice. How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With.
Kilcommons, Brian and Wilson, Sarah. My Smart Puppy: Fun, Effective, And Easy Puppy Training.
Whitehead, Sarah. Puppy Training for Kids

Online Information:

Lansing Area Obedience Training:

Obedience Training Club of Greater Lansing
Obedience Training Club Lansing/ 517-485-7280

Kendra L. Monroe – 1-877-500-2275 (BARK)

Good dog! Training Classes with Janet A. Smith or 517-349-0502

Canine College at Lansing Capital Area Humane Society
Capitol Area Humane Society Obedience Training

Chris Conklin 517-333-7015
Offers puppy, basic obedience and beyond basics training classes and also private consultations by appointment.

Canine Training Center
Canine Training Center On Facebook
Carol Hein Creger 517-857-2884