“I have seen Dr. William Schultz for 7 years and have taken 4 different animals to him. When I 1st met Dr. Schultz, it was after another vet had failed to repair a tear. My previous vet operated, but it didn’t hold. He went in a second time, that didn’t repair the problem.  So I went to Dr. Schultz. He did the repair, and most importantly 7 years afterwards it was still holding. I do recommend him to anyone needing a vet. He’s taken care of 2 cats, one with kidney failure and was able to keep him alive until the end. He takes the time to understand. Dr. William Schultz is patient, sympathetic…and during the process he’s right there with us, sometimes holding a hand. I’ve tried a lot of different places, but I would say he is one of the top 2 vets in the whole of the United States.”

-B.B.D., Valued Customer