Canine Reproductive Services

Canine Reproduction

We offer a variety of canine reproductive services from breeding consultation to whelping assistance and neonatal care. Our qualified staff is happy to assist everyone from the novice pet owner wanting puppies for the first time, to the experienced breeder continuing a champion line.

NOTE: All Frozen Semen Patients are required to have a current negative Brucellosis test.

Breeding Decisions

When natural breeding does not work or is not possible due to the scheduling or the death of a stud dog, we have choices in the type of breeding to be done. Chilled semen and frozen semen have greatly increased the flexibility of today’s breedings.

Canine Frozen Semen FAQs

To learn more about the reasons why you should have frozen semen, how semen is collected, and more, please visit our Canine Frozen Semen FAQs

Genetic Testing

Genetic tests are available by breed from Penn Veterinary Medicine.

Ovulation Timing

Proper ovulation timing is key for improved conception rates and maximum litter size. Regardless of the method of breeding used, understanding ovulation timing and the information it provides helps to determine optimal breeding dates.

Pregnancy Temperature Chart

This rectal temperature chart is a useful guide for estimating when labor should begin for a healthy, pregnant bitch.

Progesterone Testing – Canines

Progesterone is one indicator of ovulation in the bitch. Progesterone is secreted from the ovaries and is the hormone that maintains pregnancy.

Puppy Tube Feeding Chart

The puppy tube feeding chart is a chart outlining the amounts and frequency of tube feeding for puppies.

Additional Dog Breeding Services

In addition to the information regarding breeding timing and semen storage provided in the drop-down menu to the left, we also offer the following:

  • Consultation regarding diet, supplements, and activity recommendations in preparation for and during pregnancy
  • In-house progesterone testing on a MiniVidas
  • Semen analysis (Morphology and counts)
  • Brucellosis testing
  • Pregnancy Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy, estimate litter size and evaluate for signs of fetal distress
  • Pregnancy X-ray to evaluate fetal head and pelvic size ratios and to estimate litter size
  • Caesarian deliveries
  • Neonatal care such as tube feeding, tail docking, and dewclaw removal
  • Assistance with stud and bitch infertility

Information for Veterinarians

If you are a veterinarian interested in partnering with Schultz Veterinary Clinic for your patient’s reproductive needs, please visit our information page.

Schedule a Consultation for Your Pet’s Reproductive Services

Please send any reproductive-related questions to [email protected] to ensure a prompt response from our reproductive experts.