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Chilled Semen Collection

Ovulation Timing Protocol (Detailed)

Ovulation Timing Protocol (Summary)

Progesterone and LH handling protocol (Detailed)

Progesterone and LH handling protocol (Summary)

Cesarean Section Protocol

Description / Comment

Protocol and information regarding chilled semen collections.

This document provides detailed information for when to begin ovulation timing and sample handling. It is a three-page document.

This is a basic, one-page overview of our progesterone and LH testing guidelines. This file includes when to begin progesterone timing and when to start LH testing.

This file is a more detailed description of our recommended Progesterone and LH handling protocols.

One-page step-by-step protocol for the handling of Progesterone and LH samples. This is a basic document regarding sample handling only and does not discuss when to start ovulation timing.

Cesarean Section Protocol

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