Dental Care

Much like people, dental care is an important part of overall health and wellness. At your pet’s physical exam, we will asses his/her dental health and make recommendations as necessary. Often times recommendations such as brushing or wiping the teeth with gauze will be given but occasionally we may recommend that your pet have a full dental cleaning and exam with our animal dentist in Okemos. This requires anesthesia and involves assessing the health of the teeth, gingiva and tongue followed by scaling and polishing of the teeth. If there is evidence of loose teeth, exposed roots or lesions on the teeth, we may take dental radiographs or perform extractions if needed.

Dental Disease in Pets

Often times pets exhibit signs of dental disease in subtle or not so subtle ways: bad breath, yellow discoloration to the teeth, bright red color at the gum line, chewing on one side, decreased grooming, weight loss or swelling under one eye. If you ever suspect dental disease, please Make An Appointment for an exam as soon as possible.

Pet Dental Care Services in Okemos, MI

To Make An Appointment for a dental exam or cleaning, call us at (517) 337-4800.