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Laser surgery, Soft tissue, abdominal, urogenital, cardiac and oral, Orthopedic, Dentistry, Prescription Diets, and more.

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In-house blood testing, Parasite screening/urinalysis, Ultrasound, Digital Radiology (including Dental)

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We offer a variety of canine reproductive services from breeding consultation to whelping assistance and neonatal care.

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News From Schultz Vet Clinic

Schultz Vet Clinic

In 1974, Dr. William Schultz opened the doors to Schultz Veterinary Clinic. From that day forward, his goal of providing exceptional veterinary care and client service has never wavered.

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Schultz Veterinary Clinic

In 1974, Dr. William Schultz opened the doors to Schultz Veterinary Clinic. From that day forward, his goal of providing exceptional veterinary care and client service has never wavered. Over the next 30 years, Schultz Veterinary Clinic would gain a reputation for veterinary medicine of the highest quality with an emphasis on individual attention for every client. Since that first day, the practice has grown from a single veterinarian trying to make ends meet, to a bustling four doctor practice renowned for its reproductive medicine, general medicine and surgery. Though a lot has changed over 30 years, our commitment to you and your pets has not: through communication, continued education and compassion we will protect the health of your dog or cat for as long as possible.
Schultz Veterinary Clinic
Schultz Veterinary Clinic
Hospital Update - Starting Monday, June 14th:

As of May 14, the CDC has lifted its mask mandate for vaccinated people. For businesses like ours, this creates many challenges as there is no clear roadmap on how to handle “getting back to normal.” What we can tell you is that the team at Schultz Veterinary Clinic is very excited to announce that our clinic is open to clients! We are thrilled to have face-to-face interaction with you again. Believe us when we say, we have missed you so much!

As we know with Covid, things are always changing, but starting Monday, June 14th:
· When you arrive at the clinic with your pet, please call us to check-in.
· For doctor appointments, we will allow 1 person per appointment in the exam room.
· Surgery drop offs, x-rays, blood-draws, fecal or urine drop offs, and prescription pick-ups will remain curbside.
· If you prefer our curbside concierge service for your pet’s appointment, this will continue to remain an option. Please just communicate that to us when scheduling your appointment.
· For now, if you do enter the clinic, we will require you to wear a mask.
· When picking up food and prescriptions please allow 24 hours to fill your order.
· We plan to revisit our mask policy as new information becomes available.

We would like to proactively address the elephant in the room, which is our mask policy. There are several reasons we are keeping the mask requirement in place.
1. It is what our team feels the safest with at this time. We have small, enclosed spaces in our exam rooms with poor ventilation.
2. We have no way of knowing who is vaccinated and who is not.
3. Our small staff is highly trained to provide the best possible care for your pet. Our priority is to keep our staff safe so they can continue to care for our patients. Even one sick employee significantly impacts our ability to do that. We have decided it is best for us to continue to require masks at this time. We will monitor and adjust our policy accordingly.

You all have been wonderful throughout this pandemic. We respectfully ask you to be mindful that our staff is mentally and emotionally exhausted from the last year and we would prefer to spend our energy positively on how happy we are to be seeing each of you again, as opposed to debating this policy. As we receive more information in the weeks to come, we will make appropriate adjustments. Our goal is a return to normal. We just need time to do this safely and comfortably and want to thank you in advance for your cooperation. We will continue to send new information out to you as our policies change so that you can remain informed. Once again, thank you so much for your continued support and understanding. We can’t wait to see you!

With gratitude,
The Schultz Veterinary Clinic Team

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