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Schultz Veterinary Clinic in Okemos, MI

Our staff of veterinarians, licensed veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants and receptionists strives in every situation to exceed your expectations. We know that our role as an advocate for your pets’ health and wellbeing is not to be taken lightly. Although your pet may have a primary doctor, our veterinary clinic in Okemos will work with you, as a team to provide in-depth care. Our entire staff recognizes the value of client education and the importance of communication so that we can work together to give your pet a happy and healthy life.

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Our Services

In an effort to maintain our commitment to our clients and patients, we provide a broad spectrum of diagnostic tools and services. Through in-house testing and the use of external laboratories we can gain valuable information regarding your pet’s health and reproductive status. Our facility includes a well-stocked pharmacy and a surgical suite for dentistry, conventional surgery and laser surgery. Our digital x-ray unit for full body or dental radiographs and our expansive treatment area allows for client viewing of most xrays and ultrasounds. Our canine reproductive services include frozen semen storage, semen analysis, vaginal cytology, transcervical and surgical inseminations.

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I have seen the doctor for fourteen years, and I’ve taken five animals to Dr. William Schultz. All of my dogs have been Chows, some were rescues. I had one that had a brain tumor, and one had liver cancer. I now have one for three years. I took her to Dr. Schultz because I was having her fixed, and he noticed she had a heart murmur. So he sent her to a heart specialist and we found out that she has two holes in her heart. She was only supposed to live for another 6-8 weeks. They said that she’d never see her first birthday, but thanks to Dr. William Schultz she will be four in May. That’s the kind of vet she is. He monitors her every month, and very seldom does he ever charge me for it. Dr. Schultz is really fascinated with her, because she shouldn’t be able to stay alive because of the size of her heart. I work for a lady who has a prized Newfoundlander who has been to Westminster and Dr. William Schultz is the vet for that dog. He is so good. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. If he’s not there, I’m not having dogs!

Dr. William Schultz  cares 100% about the animals. Not the money, not anything else. His first concern is about those animals. He’s the best vet ever.

Midge C.

Dr. William Schultz DVM is completely different from any other veterinarian. He spends time with me, making sure I understand what’s going on with treatment. He asks if you have questions, and takes the time to answer them. That’s unique. It’s the cleanest veterinarian clinic I’ve ever been in. We’ve had Dr. William Schultz as our vet since 1982, and I consider him the best vet ever. If he were a ‘people doctor’ he’d be my doctor. I trust him completely.

Marilyn A.

I think he is a very caring doctor for animals. Dr. William Schultz is very knowledgeable. He seems to know everything there is to know. Dr. Schultz keeps up on his education, and always is on the cutting edge. I have been taking my animals to him for over twenty years, and I have all the faith in the world in him and his staff. I would recommend Dr. William Schultz to everyone, and there isn’t anyone else that’s close. People I recommend to him always say they feel like they are special. He’s a very special vet to me.

Jill W.

Dr Schultz, Joe, and the staff are amazing. Always there when you need them, we are truly blessed to have them here in Michigan.

Angela G.

Top notch!!! Love the staff…all of them! Everyone is friendly, professional, personable, helpful and a very well run clinic.

Evie H.

Thank You, Dr Donahue, for always treating Beatrice (and her humans) with such professionalism and thoroughness. You are an exceptional doctor and we appreciate you.

Amy S.